Dec 10, 2008

On The Way To Happy Plants

So I've been germinating some seeds over the past few days. After about 4 days I have managed to successfully get sprouts on 16 seeds and there are a few seeds that look like they may be on their way in the next few hours!

In the pics, the batch of seeds on the left is the seeds that are still germinating and the smaller population on the right are seeds that have sprouted and are ready for planting.

I'm going to start by putting them in two pots for a week or so and see how they do from there. Once I can establish which of my plants will be healthiest I will then buy larger pots for those selected. Is that a good idea?

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Woodstuck said...

Please remove my original content from your blog. This is copyright infringement. My next stop is Google and filing a DMCA to shut down your blog.

This is illegal. You could have just told them about us (like you did for greenmans website), but you chose to steal it instead.

Remove immediately... it burns me that people take credit for my work.